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1.DOWNLOAD Ace Stream

Download the portable or full version of Ace Stream from here

Choose the version for Your device .

Currently Ace Stream is available for Windows , Android and MAC OS X.

If you Use Android OS on tablet or Phone You will need to install ACE Stream engine from google play store

Get it on Google Play

Ace Stream MAC OS X version is made with WINE Bottler software that allows Windows software to run on MAC OS X . Have in mind that the app starts a little slow .

2.Start Ace Stream Engine

Start Ace Stream engine by double click on the downloaded portable_engine.exe faviconfavicon if you use Windows . Also you can use the Full Ace Stream package if you have it installed .

On MAC OS X start the downloaded app and wait to see the main window with Ace Stream Player button . Start the Ace Stream Player and wait till you see the acestream engine icon on your taskbar

On Android phone or tablet just start the Ace Stream app and leave it to run in the background .

3. Engine Running

Check to see if acestream engine is running.

On Windows you should see the following :

On MAC OS X it should look like this :

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Изтеглете Mozilla Firefox стара версия

Изтеглете VLC Player.

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